Almost 30 minutes of material for our third album has been written. Very excited about it.


Lento Fall Tour 2011 photos

Genova,  25\9\11. 
Genova, 25\9\11. Lucrezia bar .
Recco, 26\9\11. What we saw at dawn.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. Emergence Collectif.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. A really long drive.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. Emergence Collectif.

Torino, 27\9\11. The usual tetris outside United club.

Freiburg, 28\9\11. We play in this old huge factory. Post-atomic atmosphere.

Freiburg, 29\9\11.  
Freiburg, 29\9\11. Getting ready to reach Essen.
Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Us with Kodiak and N.

Essen, 30\9\11. Our setup for the Denovali Swingfest

Essen, 30\9\11. Hangin' around with Kodiak

Essen, 1\10\11. We don't have any photos after this one until the gig in Bolzano.
It's because of him.

Bolzano, 6\10\11. Our first show with Celeste.

Cecina, 7\10\11. Celeste.

Cecina, 7\10\11. We almost risked to lose some fingers for doing this..

Pisa, 8\10\11. We woke up and we found this.

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. ONE

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. TWO

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. ALL

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. Libano & Scrocchiazeppi.

Near Empoli, 8\10\11.

Perugia, 8\10\11. Pussy.

Perugia, 8\10\11. Air guitaring with Celeste.

Perugia, 8\10\11. We were very drunk.

Perugia, 8\10\11. I mean completely fucked up.

Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner (actually it was a lunch).

Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner part II 
Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner part III
Perugia, 9\10\11. Best group photo of all times!


Hey world!
With this short post we would like to thank everyone we met on the road during our last tour.
This has been our best tour so far and we had our best time ever.
These days will remain in our hearts for all of our life.

We're so sorry about the cancelled gigs in Brno and Rome, we will play there again for sure in the next future.

A special thank you to all the promoters, Timo and Thomas from Denovali, friends and everyone who made it happen.
And a big hug to all the bands we met and played with ,especially you drunken French bastards!

More photos/videos will come up soon, so keep in touch!


Fall tour update

Hello again, 
these are the confirmed dates for our fall tour,
we still have 2 missing gigs, any kind of help will be really appreciated!

See you out there!

17.09.2011    Bologna - AntiMtvDay - XM24

25.09.2011    Genova (IT) - Lucrezia bar
26.09.2011    Tolouse (F) - Emergence collectif
27.09.2011    Torino (IT) - United Club
28.09.2011    Freiburg (DE) - TBA
29.09.2011    France - Belgium - Netherlands: Need help   
30.09.2011    Essen (DE) - Weststadthalle (Denovali Swingfest)
01.10.2011    Hamburg (DE) - Frapant
02.10.2011    Berlin (DE) - Lovelite
03.10.2011    Warsaw (PL) - Fonobar
04.10.2011    Brno (CZ) - Boro
05.10.2011    Austria - Czech Republic: Need Help
06.10.2011    Bolzano (IT) - Halle28 w/ Celeste
07.10.2011    Cecina (IT) - Red Vibes w/ Celeste and The Secret
08.10.2011    Perugia (IT) - Ex Mattatoio w/ Celeste and The Secret
09.10.2011    Roma (IT) - Init w/ Celeste and The Secret


European Fall tour 2011

Hello everyone,
we will be on tour again from September 26th until October 9th, and we still need some help for some dates.
If you're interested in setting up a gig for us, please contact us as soon as possible!

Currently the tour looks like this:

26.09.2011 Austria - Switzerland: Need Help
27.09.2011 France : Need Help
28.09.2011 Freiburg (DE) - TBA
29.09.2011 Belgium - Netherlands: Need help
30.09.2011 Essen (DE) - Weststadthalle (Denovali Swingfest)
01.10.2011 Hamburg (DE) - Frapant
02.10.2011 Berlin (DE) - Lovelite
03.10.2011 Czech Republic - Poland: Need Help
04.10.2011 Brno (CZ) - Boro
05.10.2011 Austria: Need Help
06.10.2011 Bolzano (IT) - Pippo Stage w/ Celeste and The Secret
07.10.2011 Cecina (IT) - Red Vibes w/ Celeste and The Secret
08.10.2011 Perugia (IT) - Ex Mattatoio w/ Celeste and The Secret
09.10.2011 Roma (IT) - Init w/ Celeste and The Secret

Even if you're not interested in putting us a gig, any suggestion is really welcome.. :)
See you very soon!


24/07/11 Live at DalVerme estivo c/o Circolo degli Artisti

A short post for our Italian friends:

Domenica 24 Luglio siamo stati invitati dai ragazzi del Verme per un live al Circolo degli artisti.
Sarà un set particolare, senza palco, senza impianto, suoneremo in mezzo alla sala.
L'ingresso sarà a offerta libera, più semo e mejo stamo.


Denovali Swingfest

Hey, we are really proud to participate to the next Denovali Swingfest. You can find more information about the festival here:http://www.denovali.com/swingfest/ More news about our next European Tour will come up soon... 


Lento - TSS tour photos

Roma, last rehearsal before leaving. 
Bologna, 11\5\11. Please meet Marcus, He didn't know yet that his bag was stolen with his passport in it.

Bologna, 11\5\11. Getting ready to leave for Milan.
Milano, Magnolia 11\5\11. 
Milano, Magnolia 11\5\11. Donato and tons of Arnica over his neck.
Freiburg, 13\5\11. 
Freiburg, 13\5\11. Tiken Taken.
Freiburg, 13\5\11. Donato aka "the maniac", Fede and Marcel, the gig promoter.
Freiburg, My Way 13\5\11. 
Freiburg, My Way 13\5\11. Terminal Sound System. 
Freiburg, 14\5\11. We are the Romans.
Freiburg, 14\5\11. Truly Italian. 
Freiburg, 14\5\11. Self-portrait with tongue. 
Calais, 15\5\11. Getting ready for the UK border. 
La Manche. 15\5\11. Taking a quick nap on the ferry. 
London, 15\5\11. Self portrait in a monitor.
London, 15\5\11.  
Bristol, The Attic, 16\5\11. Terminal Sound System - Alaska. 
Dover, 17\5\11. Unfortunately the mosquitos on the glass can't let you see Donato with an apple in his mouth. 
Dover, 17\5\11. Is the tunnel really cheaper than the ferry? 
Dover, 17\5\11. Shit! Sugar in your coffee! 
Dover, 17\5\11. The Tunnel. 
Munster, 18\5\11. We found this guy feeling lost just outside of the Oasis tour bus. 
Munster, 18\5\11. Writing new songs. 
Hamburg, 19\5\11. 
Hamburg, 19\5\11. The beautiful dogs of Franca, the gig promoter. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. Having breakfast. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. Tenderness. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. 
Somewhere in Germany, 20\5\11. Ready for Tour de France. 
Berlin, 20\5\11. 
Berlin, 20\5\11. Martin, our best friend in Berlin, talking with me about GEWA and SIAE. 

Berlin, 21\5\11. George: " Ma che cazzo!!"
Berlin, 21\5\11. A wonderful day off in Berlin by bike. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. Classic photo with Donato and some kind of animal.
Berlin, 21\5\11. Skye relaxing after the bike ride. 
Berlin, 22\5\11. Enjoyng Thai veggie burgers before going to Poland.
Leipzig, 23\5\11. Skye. 
Leipzig, 23\5\11. The gnome watches upon us 
Leipzig, 23\5\11. Donato aka "Cesare" (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amore_tossico) 
Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. Don't argue with the drummer. 
Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. Trying to repair Donato's guitar after the drunken Poland show.
 Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. We don't have any other pics, sorry. After the show we were too drunk and taking photos getting back to home is boring