Hello everyone,
welcome to our blog.

Finally we entered our new shape.
Icon,our second album, is now complete in all of its forms as mastering and artwork are both complete.

It'll be out on Denovali Records in Spring 2011, stay tuned for more details to come about the release date.
You can listen to a preview of a couple of tracks on
myspace or here.

We are currently booking a European tour for April 2011, thus feel free to contact us on lentobooking at gmail dot com if you are interested in setting up a gig.

We are really excited to hit the road again and can't wait to play Europe and, of course, Italy.
Our aussie labelmates Terminal Sound System, actually the side project of Skye from Halo (Relapse) will join us for the whole tour.
Their brand new album shall be out in Spring 2011 as well on Denovali.

A significant change of approach has occurred in the live line up, as this is going to be our first tour as a quartet,
Giuseppe has moved to UK and he is unfortunately not able to take part of this first leg of gigs.
Rehearsing process for the live setlist is in progress, some things have to be set yet but we are not running behind.

We hope to have a good time as usual and to see you out there.

See you soon.
Take care.


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