Lento - TSS tour photos

Roma, last rehearsal before leaving. 
Bologna, 11\5\11. Please meet Marcus, He didn't know yet that his bag was stolen with his passport in it.

Bologna, 11\5\11. Getting ready to leave for Milan.
Milano, Magnolia 11\5\11. 
Milano, Magnolia 11\5\11. Donato and tons of Arnica over his neck.
Freiburg, 13\5\11. 
Freiburg, 13\5\11. Tiken Taken.
Freiburg, 13\5\11. Donato aka "the maniac", Fede and Marcel, the gig promoter.
Freiburg, My Way 13\5\11. 
Freiburg, My Way 13\5\11. Terminal Sound System. 
Freiburg, 14\5\11. We are the Romans.
Freiburg, 14\5\11. Truly Italian. 
Freiburg, 14\5\11. Self-portrait with tongue. 
Calais, 15\5\11. Getting ready for the UK border. 
La Manche. 15\5\11. Taking a quick nap on the ferry. 
London, 15\5\11. Self portrait in a monitor.
London, 15\5\11.  
Bristol, The Attic, 16\5\11. Terminal Sound System - Alaska. 
Dover, 17\5\11. Unfortunately the mosquitos on the glass can't let you see Donato with an apple in his mouth. 
Dover, 17\5\11. Is the tunnel really cheaper than the ferry? 
Dover, 17\5\11. Shit! Sugar in your coffee! 
Dover, 17\5\11. The Tunnel. 
Munster, 18\5\11. We found this guy feeling lost just outside of the Oasis tour bus. 
Munster, 18\5\11. Writing new songs. 
Hamburg, 19\5\11. 
Hamburg, 19\5\11. The beautiful dogs of Franca, the gig promoter. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. Having breakfast. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. Tenderness. 
Hamburg, 20\5\11. 
Somewhere in Germany, 20\5\11. Ready for Tour de France. 
Berlin, 20\5\11. 
Berlin, 20\5\11. Martin, our best friend in Berlin, talking with me about GEWA and SIAE. 

Berlin, 21\5\11. George: " Ma che cazzo!!"
Berlin, 21\5\11. A wonderful day off in Berlin by bike. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. 
Berlin, 21\5\11. Classic photo with Donato and some kind of animal.
Berlin, 21\5\11. Skye relaxing after the bike ride. 
Berlin, 22\5\11. Enjoyng Thai veggie burgers before going to Poland.
Leipzig, 23\5\11. Skye. 
Leipzig, 23\5\11. The gnome watches upon us 
Leipzig, 23\5\11. Donato aka "Cesare" (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amore_tossico) 
Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. Don't argue with the drummer. 
Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. Trying to repair Donato's guitar after the drunken Poland show.
 Leipzig, Superkronik, 23\5\11. We don't have any other pics, sorry. After the show we were too drunk and taking photos getting back to home is boring