Almost 30 minutes of material for our third album has been written. Very excited about it.


Lento Fall Tour 2011 photos

Genova,  25\9\11. 
Genova, 25\9\11. Lucrezia bar .
Recco, 26\9\11. What we saw at dawn.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. Emergence Collectif.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. A really long drive.

Toulouse, 26\9\11. Emergence Collectif.

Torino, 27\9\11. The usual tetris outside United club.

Freiburg, 28\9\11. We play in this old huge factory. Post-atomic atmosphere.

Freiburg, 29\9\11.  
Freiburg, 29\9\11. Getting ready to reach Essen.
Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Weststadthalle.

Essen, 29\9\11. Us with Kodiak and N.

Essen, 30\9\11. Our setup for the Denovali Swingfest

Essen, 30\9\11. Hangin' around with Kodiak

Essen, 1\10\11. We don't have any photos after this one until the gig in Bolzano.
It's because of him.

Bolzano, 6\10\11. Our first show with Celeste.

Cecina, 7\10\11. Celeste.

Cecina, 7\10\11. We almost risked to lose some fingers for doing this..

Pisa, 8\10\11. We woke up and we found this.

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. ONE

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. TWO

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. ALL

Near Empoli, 8\10\11. Libano & Scrocchiazeppi.

Near Empoli, 8\10\11.

Perugia, 8\10\11. Pussy.

Perugia, 8\10\11. Air guitaring with Celeste.

Perugia, 8\10\11. We were very drunk.

Perugia, 8\10\11. I mean completely fucked up.

Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner (actually it was a lunch).

Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner part II 
Perugia, 9\10\11. The last dinner part III
Perugia, 9\10\11. Best group photo of all times!