First gig of 2013 - Milano - COX 18 - 12.01.2013
Hope to see you there.


08.10.2011 Live Recording - Tape Version

We are happy to announce that the Italian label Mother Ship has printed a tape version of our "08.10.2011 Live Recording" in a very very limited edition of 50 copies.

You can order one of this writing to: mmmothership@gmail.com


Our tour is starting tomorrow. We are very excited for that. You can buy our merch directly from us at our shows or pre-order cds, vinyls, shirts at the Denovali store:



Fall tour 2012 is fully booked

We're so glad to announce our forthcoming tour for October 2012.

Thanks a lot to all the promoters, venues, friends and everyone who got in touch with us.
This will be the schedule:

October, 6th 2012 - Bolzano (IT) - Pippo Stage
October, 7th 2012 - Freiburg (DE) - Hammerlochgut
October, 8th 2012 - Tilburg (NL) - Little Devil
October, 9th 2012 - Brussels (BE) - Magasin4
October, 10th 2012 - Munster (DE) - Baracke
October, 11th 2012 - Hamburg (DE) - Gruner Jager
October, 12th 2012 - Halle (DE) - Reilstrasse 78
October, 13th 2012 - Dresden (DE) - AZ Conni
October, 14th 2012 - Berlin (DE) - Tiefgrund
October, 15th 2012 - Jena (DE) - Wagner cafè
October, 16th 2012 - Leipzig (DE) - Tipi
October, 17th 2012 - Warsaw (PL) - Hydrozagadka
October, 18th 2012 - Brno (CZ) - Boro
October, 19th 2012 - Linz (A) - Kapu
October, 20th 2012 - Prato (IT) - Capanno Blackout
Ocotber, 21st 2012 - Roma (IT) - Dalverme

See you out there!


Death must be the place

As we announced a couple of days ago, here is a track from our brand new album "Anxiety Despair Languish".
We really hope you enjoy it.



We are proud to announce that our new album "Anxiety Despair Languish" will be out on October 26th on Denovali Records. More info wil be revealed soon.




Mix is done. Thanks to Matteo Spinazzè for his outstanding work on the songs.
Mastering studio already booked.
We are incredibly satisfied.
This album means a lot for us, hopefully it will be the same for you.
Keep in touch.



European fall tour 2012 updates

We've almost finished the booking for our 2012 fall tour.
We still have a couple of slots free, 
so if you're interested in setting us a gig please contact us or spread the word to your local promoters!

At the moment the tour schedule looks like this:

6.10.12 - Italy - TBA
7.10.12 - NEED HELP - Switzerland-France-Southern Germany
8.10.12 - NEED HELP - France - Netherlands
9.10.12 - Bruxelles - Magasin 4
10.10.12 - Munster - Baracke 
11.10.12 - Hamburg - Gruner Jäger
12.10.12 - Germany - TBA
13.10.12 - Dresden - AZ Conni 
14.10.12 - Berlin - Cassiopeia 
15.10.12 - Germany - TBA
16.10.12 - Germany - TBA
17.10.12 - Warsaw - Hydrozagazka
18.10.12 - Brno - Boro
19.10.12 - Linz - Kapu
20.10.12 -Italy - TBA
21.10.12 - Roma - Dalverme

No UK this time, sorry, but we promise we'll be back there soon.
More updates soon, feel free to contact us for any question at lentobooking[at]gmail[dot]com

See you very soon.


Third album - Tracking ended.

We've just finished tracking sessions for the third album.
It has been a hard work, but we're very proud of the results.
This time we had a brand new approach into it, 
as the album has been completely recorded live in our rehearsal room.

We're starting the mixing sessions right now, 
really looking forward to hear the complete results.

Here's a short video of one of the new songs. Enjoy.


European fall tour 2012

We're starting booking for next 2012 european fall tour.
Period will be October 7th-October 20th.
If any promoter is interested in setting us a gig, drop us a line on lentobooking@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for more info on the gigs.
See you soon!



Live at COX18 - 07.01.12

Hello everyone,
here is the video realized by the guys at COX18 in Milan during our gig on January,  7th.
A very special thank you to all the crew at COX18, 
it's an unbelievable place and everyone should support places like this.


Lento live @ COX18 - 7.1.12 from Lento on Vimeo.


Lento - Live recording 8.10.11

Lento is an instrumental musical venture commenced in Rome, Italy, in fall 2004 
whose main purpose is to give shape to an introspective approach with relentless efforts.
It took 3 years to develop as an artistic issue and to give birth to Earthen, 
released in 2007 on behalf of Supernaturalcat, with Relapse supplying US distribution.
This led events to a few years of great empathy in learning to be a musician, and to find a way 
to take responsibility of a 2nd album whose conveyed in "Icon", released in 2011 on Denovali.
Then the way back to the need of an outward appearance. Europe took care of this.
"Live recording 8.10.11" is meant to be a snapshot of what have been during this last, plenty of occurrences, year.

Out now on Denovali records in a limited edition of 500 copies of each format (LP/CD) and no repress.
Free streaming of 3 tracks and preorder here : http://www.denovali.com/lento/


A brief note to say something.

First of all thank you to who wrote us to play live over the past few weeks but we decided to leave the Dunk fest gig on April 07th as the last one of the Icon tour.

Last year meant a lot to us so we decided to have a screenshot of the band in 2011 issuing a live album planned for Spring.
It features the "Icon" live set brought live over Europe in several moments of the past year.
Check Denovali records or our fb page for updates on release date.

Now we'd like to stop live activity for a bit as a new album is in sight.
Almost 50 minutes are written, making us fully satisfied of the result of this year of writing and rehearsing and writing and rehearsing..
We've been much more comfortable with our feelings as musicians, something new and totally unexpected, thus, the process took much less than the past but the result seems to show a lot of different sides compared to the other works.
Nevertheless, heavy parts won't miss!
No ambient tracks have been written so far and songs have strong harmonic patterns.
This left us pleasantly surprised and proud of what came up, we'd like to tour tomorrow but the best has to come yet and we are currently figuring out where/how to give birth to the record. A lot of things need to be set and this demands time and work.
Then, we'll be ready and more than happy to share this with you playing live.
If everyone's interested in setting up a gig for next fall tour which is currently on the "to do list" for the next 6 months, please contact us at lentobooking@gmail.com .

Take care