A brief note to say something.

First of all thank you to who wrote us to play live over the past few weeks but we decided to leave the Dunk fest gig on April 07th as the last one of the Icon tour.

Last year meant a lot to us so we decided to have a screenshot of the band in 2011 issuing a live album planned for Spring.
It features the "Icon" live set brought live over Europe in several moments of the past year.
Check Denovali records or our fb page for updates on release date.

Now we'd like to stop live activity for a bit as a new album is in sight.
Almost 50 minutes are written, making us fully satisfied of the result of this year of writing and rehearsing and writing and rehearsing..
We've been much more comfortable with our feelings as musicians, something new and totally unexpected, thus, the process took much less than the past but the result seems to show a lot of different sides compared to the other works.
Nevertheless, heavy parts won't miss!
No ambient tracks have been written so far and songs have strong harmonic patterns.
This left us pleasantly surprised and proud of what came up, we'd like to tour tomorrow but the best has to come yet and we are currently figuring out where/how to give birth to the record. A lot of things need to be set and this demands time and work.
Then, we'll be ready and more than happy to share this with you playing live.
If everyone's interested in setting up a gig for next fall tour which is currently on the "to do list" for the next 6 months, please contact us at lentobooking@gmail.com .

Take care